Abuse Happening Later in Life

A lot of people lived their younger years to have a meaningful and rewarding life later on with the help of these anti aging tipsanti aging tips. However, many of them happen to experience abuses in their later life. Such abuse could come in the form of being financially, physically, sexually, and emotionally abused.

Often, such instances of abuse happen in the victim’s own home. The abusers tend to be relatives, family members, and even non-related caregivers.

Sadly, it always happens. Approximately 4 million of the American elderly population experience abuses in their later life. This is critical and is in no way tolerable.

Types of Elder Abuse


Elders to tend to get emotionally abused when they are being embarrassed and humiliated, most especially by their family members. Their access in almost everything is being controlled, they have their properties destroyed, and they are sometimes even socially restricted.

To avoid being emotionally disregarded and abused, one anti-aging tip is that you need to talk less. According to Cosmos 2016, middle-aged women tend to get more respect from a stranger if they talk less and stand proud. This is based on a social experiment made to address social issues on middle-aged women.


Another troubling abuse the elder population tend to suffer is physical abuse. They are prone to physical assault since they becomer weaker through time. Their bones get frail and they start to cease doing things for themselves.

Therefore, in order to avoid or limit the amount of physical abuse they receive, the elderly should keep themselves strong by engaging in a natural diet and regular exercise. This is more effective when applied as a lifestyle. Showing people how strong and active you still are may save yourself from physical abuse.


There are certain reports of sexual abuse on the elderly housed in caregiving homes. This is alarming and one that really needs a solution. If you happen to meet an elderly who has experienced such and has vent out his/her feelings and problems to you, don’t hesitate to take action. The police hotlines are always open and can be relied on to take such cases.


Since the elderly tend to have weaker minds and their memory tends to get a bit rusty, they are prone to financial abuses. Some are getting restricted on their use of money, some don’t get their hard-earned money, and some has been disregarded by their family right after retirement. As sad as it may seem, these really happen.

What Can Be Done

If ever you are in a situation to help, don’t hesitate to do so. Also, you may visit elderly homes and give them support. You can always be of help.

As for yourself, take good care not only of yourself but also of your reputation. People don’t actually stay the same through time. Even your close family members can turn their backs on you once you’ve become weaker and older.

That said, it’s best to invest in yourself and your health, and be a good colleague and a kind family member.

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