Can Cannabis Relieve Period Cramps?

Medical cannabis has gained traction, popularity and support in recent years for being a much healthier alternative to conventional painkillers. Numerous accounts of patients praising its ability to relieve pain effectively without subjecting the user to exposure to addiction and side effects have been released in recent years, fanning the flames of people increasing interest in the use of CBD oil as a pain releiver oil.

One particular area of interest is the use of weed in relieving period pains. Recently, more and more people are looking into the answer to the question: does cannabis have an effect on period cramps? Can marijuana relieve women of pains felt during menstruation?

The scientific curiosity attached to this inquiry stems from history as it was discovered that in the 1890’s, a physician by the name of Joshua Reynolds actually prescribed then-Queen of England, Queen Victoria, with cannabis to relieve her cramps. Despite the long-standing existence of cannabis in the practice of medicine and pain relief, only little documentation and evidence has been provided for its use and effects in contemporary medical records.

However, more and more bodies of government have begun to look into the use of marijuana as a treatment for period cramps. One good example is the instance in New Jersey, USA where the state has begun to seriously consider approving menstrual cramps as a condition under which medical marijuana can be legally prescribed and used.

Efforts to spread the word about cannabis use in the treatment of period cramps among women have been spearheaded by products produced and distributed by well-known personality Whoopi Goldberg and Maya Elisabeth. Aiming to cater to a completely female audience, the comedian and actor, alongside the known maker and producer of edibles, Maya Elisabeth, under the brand “Whoopi & Maya”, introduced their line of medical marijuana products to the market. This healthcare line includes cannabis-induced products such as edibles and salves, all aimed towards helping women through period pain and menstrual cramps.

In an interview with the press, Whoopi Goldberg spoke about the lack of attention received by this niche (women experiencing period pain) which is made up of half the population.

Lack of attention, research and production concerning the use of medical marijuana for the reduction and alleviation of period pain has been attributed to an imbalance and perhaps even an inaccuracy in the conducted surveys. Typically, surveys made to assess marijuana usage among the population display a bias towards men – stating that more men use marijuana products and that women are not as interested or invested in using cannabis products as their male counterparts. These misconceptions have led companies and product producers to steer clear of a market that they believe to be unprofitable. However, more and more stories and articles are coming out, supporting the opposite ideas of these findings. Public awareness is on the rise, and with it, more knowledge will spark among people. Hopefully, the availability of medical cannabis to help women alleviate period pain will eventually increase.

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