Can You Take CBD If You’re Trying to Get Pregnant?

The controversial cbd for sale cbd for sale has made a rage through the internet due to its alleged capacity to heal diseases and improve medical conditions. Though, this oil extracted from the cannabis still isn’t recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO). This product is still banned in certain countries in Asia and Europe.

The CBD oil is mostly used to heal heart-related conditions and it is also deemed to help decrease palpitations and to lower a person’s blood pressure. Current news regarding CBD oil is that it has also been associated with its allegedly ‘healing properties’ for persons with infertility problems.

Boosting Fertility

Infertility has long been a problem in the medical field even with the advancement of medical technologies and development of supplements and injectables. The issue on CBD oil has again raged through the internet for the past few weeks. It is because of the testimonies regarding its ability to heal infertilities and increase fertility levels for both men and women.

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, it is not good to intake marijuana compound if you’re expecting to have a baby. There’s this psychoactive compound that may lessen the baby’s grasp and it may also cause fetus deformity and abnormalities. For adult males, marijuana intake can lessen their sperm count for about 28%.

For medical purposes, since this is not recognized by medical experts yet, it is best to try boosting fertility the natural way. You may consult your doctor about this and he can give you prescriptions that will be safe for you and your future baby. You also need to improve your lifestyle if you’re expecting to conceive. Bad habits and having vices are proven to be the leading cause of infertility and reproductive system diseases.

Safety Attributes

CBD isn’t proven to be safe nor harmful yet—and with that status, it is not advisable to consume it without the doctor’s advice.

Before trying out CBD, it is best to check with your doctor first. You may have allergens on some chemicals infused in this product and it may just give you diseases instead of improving your fertility. Though the CBD oil isn’t recognized yet for its healing properties, its negative effects are not proven as well.

Will it Help?

Just because people on the internet claim that their infertility was ‘healed’ by the CBD, it can’t mean the same thing for everyone. It may not have a side effect for them but it is not totally safe for others. Each person’s system has its own capacities and weaknesses. Some people are immune to certain chemicals and some are vulnerable.

If you’re trying to get pregnant, it’s best to consult your Ob-gyne first before taking any action. Reckless decisions may lead to unwanted results that may worsen the situation. There’s no harm in trying, but for situations where your health is at risk, it’s better to be sure and rely on expert advice.

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