CBD Oil and Fertility: Is There a Connection?

CBD Oil earns applauses for its numerous health benefits. Using CBD products to treat arthritis is a possible treatment for some chronic and acute health problems. Despite its popularity, there are still few questions left unanswered, such as, are there chances that CBD oil affects fertility?

Current Standing of CBD Oil on Human Fertility

At present, no evidence has surfaced to conclusively state whether CBD oil does provide positive or negative effects on fertility issues. Many countries have legalized the use of cannabis-derived products such as CBD oil, but ethical issues arise when conducting CBD oil tests on couples who want to get pregnant. Due to this, there is no proof to claim whether CBD oil has an impact on fertility.

Some studies suggest CBD oil may indirectly help those fertility-related concerns that aren’t physical (e.g., mood and sleep). However, if you plan to incorporate CBD oil on fertility-routine, before doing so, here are all things you should know concerning CBD oil and fertility.

CBD Oil and Fertility

Some people suffer conception difficulty for reasons other than purely physical and medical. At times, mental roadblocks or lifestyle factors get in their way for a successful conception. In these cases, there’s a chance that CBD oil may be of help. Below is current information about CBD Oil and fertility that helps you choose the best path for you and your partner.

CBD Oil Improves Fertility through Sleep

Research suggests that there may be a strong connection concerning insomnia and low fertility rate. Sleeping disorders can be considered as comorbid to both male and female infertility.

There are many ways CBD oil helps with sleeping disorders. CBD oil helps regulate catabolic hormones production, such as cortisol – a stress hormone that is released when the body is threatened by perceived or real danger. Cortisol prevents the onset of sleeping, or it stops you from sleeping deeply. CBD oil is an anti-catabolic supplement that limits the secretion of cortisol, thus allowing you for a night of better and deeper sleep.

With this, CBD may help cope with a sleeping disorder, thereby indirectly improving the chances of conceiving a child.

CBD oil Improves Fertility through Mood

There are cases about people with fertility problems that “miraculously” conceived successfully without an explanation as to why it happened.

Believe it or not, your mental wellness and mood play an essential role in successful fertility and pregnancy. Studies on male and female infertility propose that anxiety, stress, and depression affect ovulation issues in women and sperm production issues in men.

CBD oil can help with this issue by elevating your mood through its effects on wide-ranged or neurotransmitters. CBD oil helps regulate adenosine and anandamide – both responsible for feelings for happiness, joy, and motivation. Thus, CBD oil can help with mood-induced fertility issues and increase your chances of conception.

CBD oil Improves Two Main Causes of Infertility

Two of the primary causes of infertility are smoking and obesity. Fortunately, CBD oil can put to end both afflictions.

CBD oil is popular in reducing addictive behaviors that would help you quit nicotine. Also, CBD oil can reduce risk factors of weight gain, such as sleeping disorder, and stress and anxiety.


The World Health Organization (WHO) accepted the possibilities of CBD oil in helping various health issues, including infertility. However, aside from helping you cope with sleep and mood induced infertility, CBD oil needs more research is to state its other effects on fertility issues to state its different implications on fertility issues conclusively.

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