Clothing Guide for a Comfortable Menstrual Period

According to a New York Times article, it is tough being a woman because of the dangers and challenges they face all their lives. One of these challenges is having to undergo monthly menstruation. Dressing on a period is one of women’s dilemmas as they don’t want to commit a mistake by putting on something that will sacrifice fashion. When it is that time of the month, it is a must to choose outfits that offer comfortability without neglecting your fashion sense. Below is a clothing guide for a comfy, relaxing menstrual period.

Hoodies or Sweatshirts

There are bad days, but there are SUPER bad days. With menstrual cramps and hormonal things going on that is making your day miserable, it’s never a bad idea to wear custom hoodies. If you don’t want to move, just want to stay home and sip a hot cup of tea while watching a fine movie on Netflix, a hoodie or a sweatshirt has your comfort totally in mind. Hoodies are available around the corner, but if you want to add your personal taste, you can decide to wear custom hoodies instead.


Being anxious on your period is normal, but don’t let it rule your day. Avoid wearing white and light colored pants as it is obvious if blood seeps through your pants. Opt for darker jeans, so if a mishap happens, stains won’t be that noticeable. Also, stay away from very tight jeans that is difficult to put on and off.

Long Shirts

If light-colored jeans are really your thing, you can opt to wear long shirts that wrap your crotch. This will allow you to hide stains whenever you get one. In addition, long or oversized shirts are comfortable to wear, so you won’t feel irritated during the day.


Leggings have been part of women’s wardrobe. You absolutely need a pair of leggings, most especially a black legging, during your period for they are versatile and cozy. Also, you won’t find it tricky to pair with other pieces of clothing. A professional-looking blouse and shirt are easier to pair with leggings. In addition, if wearing a skirt is a must for you, you can opt to wear leggings underneath your skirt. You can still wear something fashionable even during that time of the month.

T-Shirt Dress

A loose hanging dress will give you the comfort you deserve. It is never a bad idea to wear a dress on your period especially if your timetable requires you to attend formal, professional events. Compared to other types of dress, a t-shirt dress is not tightening and still looks pleasant. During cold days, you can wear it over tights or put in a cardigan for added comfort and style.

These clothing ideas are here to save your day so that you won’t split your closet open. But don’t forget that being confident in what you wear will make you feel comfortable. Always remember that whenever it is that time of the month, do not let the excruciating pain let your poise down.

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