Detoxing the Vagina? How?

Health risks are mostly avoided with proper diet and care—that includes body detoxing. There is a need to prevent your body from unhealthy toxins and aiding it from these outside substances is beneficial. But, what about your vagina? We are going to talk on that below but more info on marijuana detox pills check the link there.

With access to topical “down-there” products, more and more women are susceptible to pain, inflammation of the vulva, and itching that are caused by creams, lubes, hygiene products, or even condoms. Because your vagina has a lot of blood vessels and vulnerable mucous membranes, it absorbs chemicals more than your dermis does. There are a lot of ways for body detoxing, but is it necessary to have your sensitive lady parts for detox? Let’s look at some methods.


Vaginal steaming is like a sauna bath for your lady parts. You boil medicinal herbs like wormwood, mugwort, or traditional herbs like lavender, basil, rose petals, or rosemary among others. This is to be done after your period and never during. It is not advisable to do vaginal steaming if you may have a hint that you might be pregnant. This helps by increasing blood flow, dilate your blood vessels, and most especially relax the pelvic muscles.

Here’s how you can do your own vaginal-steam bath at home:

Boil filtered water in a pot then add your selection of herbs. These may be dried or fresh depending on your preference. Remember, dried herbs are more potent than the fresh ones. If you use 1 cup for dried herbs, just triple the amount for the fresh herbs to get the same concentration.

Boil for about 10 minutes then turn off the stove. Leave the water to slightly cool for 5 minutes.

Carefully pour the water into another container.

Find a comfortable chair where you can sit over the container without underwear. Take note that this normally takes 20-30 minutes.

Cover the container by putting a towel or a blanket over it and tie it around your waist– like a tent.

Enjoy the vaginal steam experience.

For this procedure, there are some health spas that offer this special service. However, this is not to cleanse your vagina but rather aids it more for circulation and relaxation.

Detox Pearls

These are cleansing pearls that you insert into your “vajayjay” like a tampon. It is claimed that it treats yeast infections and marketed to as 100% natural and even therapeutic. Detox pearls claim to cleanse, treat and even tighten your vagina. Leaving the pearls inside your lady parts will make you prone to TSS or toxic shock syndrome. This also happens when you use tampons regularly and it is always recommended to be mindful about how long you are keeping the tampons inside your vagina. Detox pearls, for this matter, is left inside for three days which causes a reaction to your vagina and will not let healthy good bacteria to grow. Most reviews from women who used detox pearls have acquired an infection rather than solve the problem.

Taking care of your vagina is important but your sensitive lady parts are self-sufficient. Your vagina produces lactobacilli which balance the acidity level to protect it from sexually transmitted pathogens and balance the bacteria living in it. Basically, it is not necessary to do these types of

body detoxing at all. To prevent you from feeling any burning sensation or irritation from a yeast infection, it is best to see your ob-gyne periodically for the best preventive care or remedy.

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