Gynecologists’ Views on CBD Oil for PMS

Cannabidiol (CBD) products have become extremely common in the modern world. Most people Order Online products such as CBD beauty products, CBD infused water, gums, and beverages. If you are yet to embrace these products, you must be missing a great deal.

But do not get it wrong, CBD products will not make you high. They don’t contain the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) compound that affects the state of the mind, as seen in the case with recreational marijuana.

CBD Oil Treats Several Ailments

CBD products are gaining popularity as remedies for various illnesses such as insomnia, anxiety, and epilepsy among others. These conditions have proved to respond positively to CBD products. The government has acknowledged the usefulness of CBD products.

In 2018, the 2018 Farm Bill was passed to allow growing of hemp which is a plant rich in CBD oil but contains only little traces of THC. Hemp is now being used instead of cannabis which is illegal in most states.

Can CBD Oil Help Women?

If CBD oil can treat many illnesses, can it be useful in women, particularly in the management of PMS and mastalgia? Can it be used to manage period pain and breast tenderness or used as a lubricant during sex?

Unfortunately, the answer is still unclear. Gynecologists have pointed out that there is little research, especially on clinical research, to conclude whether these products are beneficial in women’s health or not.

Although there are several products used for PMS such as good patch, bath soak to reduce menstrual pain, and foria vaginal suppositories meant for period pain, gynecologists argue that there no evidence to show that these products are effective without possible effects.

They urge users to be cautious since there is no research to show their activities. They recommend their use only in addition to the regular pain medications. Nevertheless, studies have shown that both CBD and THC taken in low doses can reduce pain. However, there is still no clear data to support this assumption.

Be Wary of Products with THC

CBD products should not contain THC contaminants. THC is the addictive element in marijuana and could lead to the same effects if a woman takes CBD with high levels of THC. A user can also experience withdrawal effects once they stop using the product. Doctors recommend the use of CBD oil products derived from hemp plant instead of cannabis sativa as hemp contains little THC.

The Future Looks Bright

Although most doctors don’t recommend the use of CBD products, the future looks promising. All we need is more studies to back up the claims and identify potential risks. If the products are truly medicinal and have no side effects, they can be produced, and the doctors will be prescribing them to treat various women’s problems, including PMS.


CBD products have become a common product in the modern world. Some women have used them to treat several conditions; however, gynecologists are yet to embrace the products.

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