Is it Bad to Lose Weight While You’re Pregnant?

Being overweight while pregnant puts you and your baby at potential risk. Having a difficult delivery and needing a cesarean section (C-section) are the possible complications of being overweight, according to a study by the website of National Health Institute. You might want to consider losing some extra pounds during pregnancy, but is weight loss safe during this period? Fortunately, a lot of studies suggested losing some weight throughout pregnancy may be possible and even advantageous to both the mother and the baby. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (ACOG) points out that it’s acceptable to work out during pregnancy given that there won’t be too strenuous, exhausting, and dangerous routines.

Here are a few guidelines to safely lose weight during pregnancy:

Know your healthy weight. During pregnancy, do not forget that you have a growing baby inside you. So, no matter how hard you try, you will gain some extra pound. Your goal here is to determine which weight gain is healthy and which one is not. Ask your doctor on this matter, so you will be properly guided. Know if you are obese, overweight or in normal weight and find out how many pounds you can gain and still stay healthy.

Count your calorie intake.

Decreasing your daily calorie intake is one way to shed that extra weight. The principle of calorie counting relies on burning off more calories than you consume. Prior to cutting down on calories from your diet, observe your body, and take note of your daily intake and find out how many calories you really consume. A licensed dietician can be of help in this plan. Be aware of the food you eat and start looking at labels in each food package. Remember that a 1700 calorie diet per day is the recommended calorie intake for a pregnant woman. Following this will help ensure that the mother and baby will get sufficient nutrients. Eating in smaller portions, filling up your plates with more vegetables and cutting out of soda are just a few of the things you can do to cut down calories.

Have a 30-minute daily exercise.

One misconception during pregnancy is the harmful effect of exercise. This is definitely untrue. If your exercise doesn’t involve strenuous activities, then exercise is a benefit. Spending 30 minutes of your day to exercise can aid in keeping a healthy weight, lessen baby’s birth deficiency, and relieve some of the pregnancy pains you feel. The exercises that are safe during pregnancy include jogging, gardening, prenatal yoga, walking, and swimming. On the other hand, avoid any movements that involve balance such as biking, riding, or any exhausting activities.

Consulting your doctor is vital to avoid further complications and risk.

Weight loss in pregnancy is an intricate issue, so it needs your doctor’s approval and recommendation. Always remember that either you’re overweight or at a healthy weight during pregnancy, eating nutritious foods and exercising are essential for a healthy pregnancy.

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