Tattoos as Coping Mechanism of Women with Serious Health Issues

There are various reasons why women get a Eyebrow tattoo. It can either be to express themselves through body art or memorialize someone close to their hearts. In other instances, women use tattoos to cover scars obtained from an accident or surgery due to sicknesses such as breast cancer (which is common in women) and any other type of cancer. These tattoos help them to regain their confidence after a distressing accident or health problem.

Let us read some of the heart-warming stories of courageous women who get their confidence back through the help of tattoo.

  • Basma Hameed

Basma Hameed shared her story of how she ended up being an expert medical corrective tattoo artist. She was only two years old when she got burned by boiling oil in their kitchen. She had undergone three eyebrow-hair transplants but all these failed. Because of that, she decided to get eyebrow tattoos. As she got satisfied with the result, she came to think of using skin tone pigments to cover discoloration of her skin due to the kitchen accident.

Basma Hameed

As of now, Basma Hameed is using her skills in performing as a medical tattoo artist in clinics in Toronto and Chicago. She is doing this to help people who have the same situation as hers. She also helps patients who suffer from vitiligo which is a kind of disease that causes discoloration of the skin. She uses flesh-toned tattoo ink with this.

  • Samantha Bennett

Samantha Bennett

Another story is from Samantha Bennett who suffered from bacterial meningitis. In 2011, she visited a tattoo artist named Tim Hendricks to help her conceal the marks caused by the disease. Her story was featured on the TLC reality show entitled NY Ink. She had inspired many other women. In fact, one lady came to her at the festival and said that she, who happened to have a daughter who has burned skin from head to toe, was really in love with her story and inspired her.

  • Juanita Williams

Juanita Williams

Juanita Williams has undergone a double mastectomy and lost her two breasts due to breast cancer. She then decided to have her chest tattooed with a gorgeous angel wing design from a tattoo artist named Shane Wallin at Garnet Tattoo in San Diego. Wallin said in an interview that her work with Juanita’s tattoo requires restorative quality, like something that has been taken away and you are giving it back. She also said that it is like giving self-esteem and confidence back to someone and making them feel sexy again. It was in 2013 when Wallin created her first design for a breast cancer survivor. She then started working at Personal Ink, an organization that helps breast-cancer survivors to find connections with tattoo artists. Juanita said in the NBC interview that she dedicates her angel wings tattoo for all the women who died from breast cancer.

  • Women with Hair Loss

Women with Hair Loss

Henna Heals is an organization founded by France Darwin in 2011 which aims to empower women who suffer from alopecia and other diseases that cause hair loss. Alopecia is an autoimmune disease that causes hair loss. Women who suffer from this get themselves henna tattoos (can also be called “henna crowns”) which can last one to three weeks on their heads. Two hundred fifty henna artists work with Henna Heals to help these women bring back their confidence.

These are the women that opted for beautiful tattoos as a coping mechanism for their worries. We hope that you’ve found their stories inspiring.

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