The Best CPAP Cleaners: How To Ensure Your Machine And Mask Is Neat In 2020

A cpap cleaning machines is used to assist people with breathing problems to breathe easily when sleeping. It prevents collapsing of the airway during the inhalation process. To maintain high standards of hygiene sanitize your mask, headgear, water chamber, and tubing. Below are examples of different cleaners and important tips to embrace when cleaning a CPAP machine.

The Best CPAP Cleaners

The following are some of the many cleaners with proven effective hence worth embracing.


It is compatible with a larger variety of tubes and masks. It is also convenient for traveling purposes. During operation, it is quiet and has a single click system for easy operation.

3B Lumin

Its operation is very easy because it is automatic. The UV light used is ozone free and this cleaner has been classified to be among the fastest.

Top CPAP cleaner

It is unique because of its eight cycles of cleaning per charge. Oxygen which has been activated is used to kill many germs and bacteria. All smells are completely removed.

SoClean 2 Go Travel

It kills a lot of germs and you are not required to have the equipment disassembled. You can carry it around easily as it has a battery for operation.

Sani Bot Mask sanitizer

It uses disinfectant tablets and water from the tap to sanitize your CPAP. All oil, dirt, and any other residue is removed. It is compatible with various masks.

Quick steps for cleaning your CPAP machine

Make sure you unplug it from the socket to avoid electric shock

The mask should be removed from its tubing. The headgear should also be detached.

The tubing should be removed from all connectors and output of the humidifier.

If the water chamber is present, it should be removed from the humidifier and its pieces separated.

Using a cloth dipped in warm water, remove any dust that might be on the machine.

Fill a small basin with warmed water and dish soap then submerge all the disconnected parts inside.

Allow them to soak for approximately thirty minutes and run soapy water through the tubing.

Use a towel to dry these parts. You can also hang them on a clean surface to dry.

Once everything dries up, it is time to do your reassembling.

After reassembling, ensure you check if there is any air leaking by turning your machine on.

The humidifier should be cleaned weakly by using little soap added to hot water. Air drying is recommended.

If your machine has filters, follow instructions given by the manufacturer for effective maintenance.


The above types of CPAP Cleaners have been proven effective therefore you can use them confidently. You should also embrace the provided tips when cleaning your CPAP machine. Hygiene is very essential as it kills germs and bacteria that might result in infection, therefore, it should be highly observed. Follow the steps keenly and maintain your machine for better service delivery. Airway complications are critical therefore good hygiene will prevent further complications.

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