Ways Gynecologists Deal With Period Cramps

Menstrual cramps are known to be every woman’s worst nightmare and these Heating pad for menstrual cramps are the best friend in that case. Gynecologists call it dysmenorrhoea, which refers to the pain a woman feels while on her period. For many, period cramp is an inconvenience since it gets in the way from your usual activities.

Menstrual cramps happen when muscles of your uterus contract before or during your period. The pain may be different from one woman to another, and several factors have caused this. It can be because some women have heavier bleeding, larger blood clots, or some underlying medical conditions.

Even though there is no perfect cure for menstrual cramps, gynecologists suggested some ways to ease the pain that comes with your period:

Take OTC Anti-inflammatory Drugs

Grab an anti-inflammatory drug such as ibuprofen and aspirin to alleviate the pain, even before the worst pain strikes. These OTC drugs are said to decrease prostaglandins’ release that would allow you to have less pain. There is no scientific claim that says it works with everyone else; it can become handy when menstrual cramps surge.

Heating Pads Do Wonder

Extra heat will help out your muscles calm down that would eventually help blood flow and soothe tension. Applying something warm on such as a hot water bottle, heating pad, or a washcloth can’t leave you pain-free, but it minimizes menstrual cramps’ pain.

Warm Your Stomach Up

While warming up your stomach with a heating pad is a great help, warming it up from the inside can help you deal with your menstrual pain. You can indulge in a hot shower to let your muscles relax, too.

Also, drinking warm drinks and beverages, especially herbal teas with inflammatory properties, can help decrease the muscle spasms inside you. Herbal teas such as chamomile and ginger tea not only helps with your menstrual dilemma but also eases stress and helps you sleep better.

Say No to Salty Foods

While craving while on your period is considered normal, learn to control it to help yourself. Foods that are higher in trans fat and salt are some reasons for bloating and inflammation. Stay away from processed foods, or you can grab some fruits or low-salt nuts if you crave savory foods.

Do Some Stretching

Exercising while on your pain might be the last thing you can think of. But according to gynecologists, it actually can help you feel better. 10-15 minutes of walking, stretching, or yoga can release happiness hormones that can help forget the pain you are feeling.

Consider Taking Hormonal Birth Control

According to gynecologists, taking birth control for menstrual cramps is not a myth; it works wonders. Most period cramps are caused by women’s hormonal imbalance, which makes it possible for birth control to stop this pain. Avoiding ovulation by taking hormonal birth controls can control the uterus in building up thin lining.

Final Word

If you have done all the natural ways of minimizing your cramps or can no longer bear the pain every month, you can always ask your gynecologist about this method.

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