What Happens If You Take Illegal Drugs During Pregnancy?

Whenever a woman is pregnant, there are things that needed to be monitored so as not to harm the health of the mother and that of the baby. You can check this article too but using illegal drugs while on the period of pregnancy is actually not safe.

There is an existing study that shows that using illegal drugs on the period of pregnancy can eventually lead to low birth weight, placental abruption, miscarriage, premature labour and even both maternal and fetal death.

The succeeding information will help you know about specific drugs and their effects on the expecting mother and the unborn child:


Effects to a pregnant woman’s body: When cocaine is consumed, it crosses the placenta until it enters the circulation of the fetus. It is actually harmful because the elimination of the drug takes much time for the fetus than for an adult. This would mean that the drug will have to stay longer in the body of the fetus than in the body of the pregnant woman.

Effects to the baby: As per the Organization of Teratology Information Services (OTIS), if the cocaine was consumed in the early months of pregnancy, it may increase the risk of having a miscarriage. If it was consumed on the later stage, it can cause placental abruption which will eventually lead to preterm birth, fetal death and severe bleeding.


Effects to a pregnant woman’s body: Both these drugs are considered hallucinogens. This means that they can make the users behave violently. If a pregnant woman takes the drug, it may hurt the baby once she inflicts damage to her own body.

Effects to the baby: The use of PCP will result in poor muscle control, withdrawal syndrome, low birth weight and even brain damage if the mother uses it frequently. LSD, on the other hand, will lead to birth defects if it is used on the same frequency as PCD.


Effects to a pregnant woman’s body: Like Cocaine, if Marijuana is consumed, it will immediately cross the placenta towards the fetus. Like cigarette smoke, marijuana has toxins that keep the baby from getting enough supply of oxygen that he or she needs in order to grow properly.

Effects to the baby: Existing studies about the use of marijuana by a pregnant woman is still inconclusive because most women are also using alcohol and tobacco. Nevertheless. smoking marijuana increases both the levels of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide present in the blood, thus reducing the supply of oxygen towards the baby. Also, like any other drugs, smoking marijuana during pregnancy will increase the chances of low birth weights, delay of the baby’s development, miscarriage, premature births, and behavioral and learning problems once the child grows up.

How Can You Get Help with This Matter?

If you are using drugs while you are still not aware that you are pregnant, then you can get help through various treatment programs, counselling and support groups. Don’t hesitate to ask for help once you realize that you have a problem relating to this matter. You can only be assured about your safety through passing drug tests. After all, it’s not only about your health since it may also cause severe problems to your child.

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