Common Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Accidental or planned, all pregnancies are similar: the signs, the burst of emotions, and the challenges ahead. If you have unprotected sex and the guy ejaculated inside your vagina, there is a chance that you will get pregnant, granted it was done on the ‘safe days’ of the month.
Before you grab a pregnancy test, and have the possibility of a false positive, recognize the signs on your body first. Whatever the result will be, it is expected that you will make the most rational decision. Here are the signs you have to observe to determine if you are pregnant or not.
Most Common Signs

Implantation Bleeding Pregnancy

Experts say that implantation bleeding experienced by pregnant ladies is common. It can be observed during the early stages, but the question is “What is Implantation Bleeding” and “Is it dangerous.”
Implantation bleeding is defined as the small amount of bleeding or light spotting that can take place 10 to 14 days right after conceiving a child. It is believed to be caused by the attachment of the fertilized egg to the uterus lining. It can be thought of as menstrual bleeding and can be the basis for dismissing pregnancy as a conclusion.
The implantation bleeding usually starts around the same …

Bed Rest Pregnancy Facts

When dealing with pregnancy, either you are the one pregnant or you are the one taking care of someone pregnant, you will be encountering words like ‘bed rest’ and pelvic rest.’ Any word with ‘rest’ on it is usually a positive thing.
A pregnant person needs the rest she can get after dealing with all the body changes. But what exactly is ‘bed rest,’ and how much of it is recommended?
What is Bed Rest?
Bed rest is defined based on what it is: resting in bed. It is usually advised to people experiencing illness, but pregnancy is no such thing. Most experts …

4 Websites Every Pregnant Woman Should Know

Pregnant women need all the help that they can get during the course of their pregnancy. Their situations come with a roller coaster of emotions that come and go during the pregnancy period. It is normal for these women, given with their situation, to have a lot of questions which oftentimes lead to unsolicited advice from other people. Google also cannot be totally reliable as there is a lot of fake information that can be found online now.
Fortunately, there are a lot of blogs that are solely dedicated to all pregnant women. These websites and blogs come with different tips …