Best Anal Sex Toys

Is it time to normalize ‘anal sex’? With all the easy access to information in our hands, liberal thinking can be casually promoted. The most convincing of all is online porn.
Anal sex may be a game-changer, and with proper preparation, thanks to such medical articles, that experience can be a staple in the sex menu. To achieve memorable and smooth sodomy, here are some of the best toys you can use during anal sex:
Double Delight Dual Penetration Vibrating Rabbit Cock Ring
Do you want to experience threesome yet like only one guy? Then this toy is perfect for you. You can place the cock …

New Sex Positions for Women

There is no denying that sex is amazing, and the different positions only prove that there can be many ways to enjoy it. Girls are encouraged to take over sometimes instead of having guys do the most of the work.
There are certain positions in which you can unleash the inner controlling instead of being submissive. Here are the common sex styles and variations you can try and use when you’re asserting who is in-charge:
The girl is lying down with the guy on top, facing each other; variations are “The Spider,” “Valedictorian,” and “Pretzel Dip.”…

Homemade Sex Toys for Next Level Pleasure

It’s fun to try adventure sometimes and explore those naughty fantasies. Sex is fun, but when done almost every day, performance and passion can decrease naturally.
When the human touch is not enough, maybe you need some material assistance to fill in that void. The best solution for that? Sex toys, and here are some items commonly found at home that you can use.
Pearl Necklace
As a substitute for Mardi Gras beads, tinker on your jewelry box and find a pearl necklace. That can be an expensive alternative for a butthole stimulant.
For a ‘green&#…

3 Helpful Ways Your Gynecologist Can Boost Your Sex Life

Every married couple knows how important sex life is in their relationship. According to lovespanishfly, there are some instances when sex life is not healthy or active as it has been before. It is maybe because there are some things that a woman feels and goes through in her body which can affect her sex drive. This is when a visit to the gynecologist will be most helpful for women.
For many women, they see gynecologists as experts who will take care of them when they get pregnant. However, in reality, gynecologists are so much more than that.
They are the professionals who will …