How Much Discharge Is Normal?

Vaginal discharge is part of women’s struggles. Aside from the menstruation cycle, having a discharge can bring many worries since it can mean many things. However, the color and quantity can provide information on what is happening inside your body.
If the discharge is clear, it is normal and serves as a natural lubricant for sexual intercourse. Anything other than that, it can indicate a specific type of illness or infection, either self-inflicted or biological.
A discharge is a liquid mixture of vaginal fluids and cervical mucus. It can be comparable to sweat, where a person can either have too many or too few. There…

Natural Cycles First FDA-Approved Birth Control App

A European app, “Natural Cycles,” has recently been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, as a contraceptive method to prevent pregnancies despite some issues it had in the UK and Sweden for being the cause of 37 unwanted pregnancy claims.
This is the first of its kind and is viewed as very effective by some experts. The FDA officials reasoned that no contraception could work perfectly, and it is up to the user how the method is being carried out.
The Natural Cycles app utilizes an algorithm based on body temperature readings and information on the menstrual cycle. You have to enter …

Spotting Birth Control Meaning

Many people take birth control to enjoy raw sex without the risk of pregnancy. However, vaginal bleeding might occur when you’re taking in pills. Vaginal bleeding, such as spots, can be cryptic messages of some changes on your body.
Fortunately, it is common for some to experience such a situation when taking birth controls. One of the reasons is that the body might be making adjustments, and the spotting is an indicator of those changes. When you change your usual birth control pills, the spotting can take as long as 3 months to stop.
Spotting might also be the direct side-effects of having taken birth control pills. …

What Sex After Sexual Assault is Like

Sex after sexual assault? The idea alone is very hard, and it’s even harder to fathom if we weigh on the experience. There is a lot of work cut out for either the boyfriend or the husband.
Sexual assault can range from harassment to rape. The effects of which can destroy the victim’s viewpoint of sex and life in general. Even though the time can help heal the wounds and the perpetrators met a tragic end, there is a need for a large effort to overcome such an ordeal.
Most survivors develop a self-defense mechanism. They somehow achieve a state of separating the consciousness from the body due to the past trauma …