Advanced Yoga Poses You Should Try

Are you into yoga yet get bored of performing the limited poses, you know? Then, try some of these advanced poses. They can even bring more benefits as you overcome their challenges.


You can tell the difficulty alone already from the term it is called. The headstand pose offers benefits for body stability and strengthening of the neck and spinal area.


  1. Make the “downward-facing dog” pose.
  2. Drop the forearms and knees.
  3. Interlock your fingers and push the front of the head towards the interlocking fingers.
  4. Find the equilibrium of your head and go slow.
  5. Activate the forearms, tuck the toes, and lift the hips.
  6. Once stable and comfortable, walk the feet closer to the body.
  7. Bring a knee to the chest and then do the other. Find the balance and slowly extend both of the legs towards a headstand.
  8. Stare on something stationary and engage your forearms and core. Regulate your breathing.

Crow pose

Posing like a bird means that only two sets of limbs are used as stabilizers, and since this pose is meant to be challenging, those stabilizers are not the feet. This pose increases the strength in the upper body and also benefits your hips and hamstrings.


  1. Begin at a “standing forward fold.”
  2. Bend the knees and plant the palms with a shoulder-width distance.
  3. Spread the weight evenly on all over the knuckles, fingertips, and the palms.
  4. Bend the elbows, and then rise to the tiptoes.
  5. Wrap the knees around the outsides of the upper arms.
  6. Engage the elbows and thighs toward the midline like squeezing a ball in-between them.
  7. Scoop the navel toward the spine and look forward beyond the fingertips.
  8. Lean forward with the hands as the fulcrum until the shoulders, and the head starts to balance the legs’ weight.
  9. Squeeze the heels toward the hips and stay afloat.

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