Arms and Core Push Up Variations

Push-ups provide so many benefits when done correctly and consistently. When things get too repetitive, you can make some variations. Push-ups have many styles, and each of them can bring additional benefits aside from working the arms.

Standard push-up

The standard push-up targets the upper body.

Tricep push-up

The name alone puts more emphasis on the triceps only by tucking the elbows in a narrower position.

Plyometric push-ups

Based on explosiveness, this push-up enhances fast-twitching muscles such as the chest and adds a cardiovascular benefit along the way.

Spiderman push-up

The name invokes a superhero-like training. As you push-up like Spiderman, you will be squeezing the obliques more and strengthen them as you do the task repetitively.

Sphinx push-up

This push-up tries to emulate the Sphinx’s position. The exercise targets the triceps and core muscles.

Incline push-up

It may be the easier version of a standard push-up, but as you repeat the action, it can get heavier, and the exercise puts more work on the muscles of the chest and shoulders.

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