Exercises You’re Doing Wrong

Exercises are the only way to strengthen our body, practice the movements, and enable weight loss. The most crucial part of the exercise is the form. A wrong form always leads to wrong results, and it is crucial to fix the position as early as possible.


Always engage your abdominal muscles when doing the planks. Position the elbows facing forward and align your hips with your back on a straight, diagonal line.


One of the most common mistakes in squats is bending the knee forward beyond the toes’ vertical alignment. As much as possible, keep the knee vertically straight with the shin and the balls of the feet. Engage your hips in the movement by making them the pivot.


As much as possible, when you do crunches, do not overextend towards the knees. The worst thing that can happen is a back injury because of the stress of pulling your body upward with the spine as the lower spine as the pivot.

Push up

Much like the planks, push-ups also take time to master the form. As you push your upper body from the ground, do not resort to widening your elbows and arching the lower back.

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