4 Websites Every Pregnant Woman Should Know

Pregnant women need all the help that they can get during the course of their pregnancy. Their situations come with a roller coaster of emotions that come and go during the pregnancy period. It is normal for these women, given with their situation, to have a lot of questions which oftentimes lead to unsolicited advice from other people. Google also cannot be totally reliable as there is a lot of fake information that can be found online now.

Fortunately, there are a lot of blogs that are solely dedicated to all pregnant women. These websites and blogs come with different tips including general advice, milestone tracking, shopping, and other related advice. That said, here are 4 websites that every pregnant woman should know:

Mother to Baby

This is a website from a non-profit group called Organization of Teratology Information Specialists or OTIS. Mother to Baby is your answered prayer if you are looking for experts that will answer all your questions about exposures, medications, cosmetics, and other topics related to pregnancy.

The website will provide you with all the information based on evidence and supported by experts that are always available thru email, chat, text, and phone. Many doctors actually recommend this website to answer the most frequently asked questions including exposures and medications during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It also discusses other topics including medicines, manicures, and many more.

What to Expect

This was the book that was always trusted by pregnant woman and mothers during their pregnancy period. The book has now evolved into a full-time blog and website that offers week-by-week tracking and expert advice related to pregnancy. You can also find articles and other related content for pregnant women alongside other topics such as childcare, responsible parenting information, breastfeeding, and many more.


This is a website that is dedicated to maternity fashion and clothing. The blog features a lot of content including recycling maternity clothes to earn some extra cash after pregnancy. The website is actually the largest online shopping destination with a special section dedicated to maternity and pregnant women. When it is time to dispose of your elastic waistbands, flowy tops, and all the maternity dresses and fashion accessories, just go to ThredUp to get some extra cash for an added extra savings.


BabyCenter is a mobile application that tracks your pregnancy milestone. It also has a full website that offers different information, videos, message boards, and “birth clubs”. Parenting advice is also a popular section of the website which is so helpful especially to first-time pregnant women.

There’s also the Expert Advice section and Community pages that offer professional advice and insights from medical professionals as well as communities along with different message boards for pregnant women and mothers-to-be to share support, experiences, and support.


The websites above are the ones that every pregnant woman must know. Alternatively, you can also create your own website or blog and share your tips or stories about pregnancy to everyone. Simply choose the right web hosting service to get started.

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