Bed Rest Pregnancy Facts

When dealing with pregnancy, either you are the one pregnant or you are the one taking care of someone pregnant, you will be encountering words like ‘bed rest’ and pelvic rest.’ Any word with ‘rest’ on it is usually a positive thing.

A pregnant person needs the rest she can get after dealing with all the body changes. But what exactly is ‘bed rest,’ and how much of it is recommended?

What is Bed Rest?

Bed rest is defined based on what it is: resting in bed. It is usually advised to people experiencing illness, but pregnancy is no such thing. Most experts recommend not to rely on bed rest since there is no evidence that it can decrease premature birth.

Medical findings present that bed rest can increase the flow of blood towards the placenta. However, the method can be applied in variations like decreasing the number of activities the pregnant lady usually does.

Final Words

As long as you take things easy like avoiding lifting heavy objects and children, or less dealing with stressful work or doing a few household chores, the word ‘rest’ can fit the definition.

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