Homemade Sex Toys for Next Level Pleasure

It’s fun to try adventure sometimes and explore those naughty fantasies. Sex is fun, but when done almost every day, performance and passion can decrease naturally.

When the human touch is not enough, maybe you need some material assistance to fill in that void. The best solution for that? Sex toys, and here are some items commonly found at home that you can use.

Pearl Necklace

As a substitute for Mardi Gras beads, tinker on your jewelry box and find a pearl necklace. That can be an expensive alternative for a butthole stimulant.


For a ‘green’-minded person, the cucumber symbolizes a rock-hard penis. The texture can be rough, but thankfully, condoms were invented.


Want to climax right there and then? Pillows can be such a ‘life-saver.’ You can use it like a Sybian chair and rub your way to orgasm.

Ice Cubes

The cold sensation heightens one’s sexual appetite. When a cold material, such as ice, is placed on such stimulating places like the nipples or clitoris, you will get a sudden increase of encouragement. Wrap it in a thin cloth such as tights or socks, avoid frostbite on the hands, and slow the melting.

Electronic Toothbrush

The term ‘electronic’ for a sex toy automatically applies to the vibrator. If the material is battery-operated and vibrates as it functions as an electronic toothbrush, it will serve as a hygienic alternative for a vibrator.

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