New Sex Positions for Women

There is no denying that sex is amazing, and the different positions only prove that there can be many ways to enjoy it. Girls are encouraged to take over sometimes instead of having guys do the most of the work.

There are certain positions in which you can unleash the inner controlling instead of being submissive. Here are the common sex styles and variations you can try and use when you’re asserting who is in-charge:


The girl is lying down with the guy on top, facing each other; variations are “The Spider,” “Valedictorian,” and “Pretzel Dip.”


The girl is on top, riding the guy like riding a horse; variations are “Cowgirl’s Helper,” “Woman Astride,” and “Reverse Cowgirl.”


The guy is sitting while the girl sits on the lap, facing the guy; variations are “Champagne Room” (girl facing in reverse position), “The Om,” “The Lazy Man,” “Magic Mountain,” “Golden Arch,” “The Chairman” (girl facing in reverse position).


The girl is on all-fours, and the guy is at the back, sitting in-between the girl’s thighs; one variation is the “LeapFrog.”

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